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Some Customer Reviews

I feel the Nature of Reality material has been the best and most inspiring way I have found to really gain an understanding of my true nature. It is both clear and concise, whereas I often find books unnecessarily complex and confusing. I really loved the way in which the material eased me effortlessly into very complex philosophical concepts and made them readily accessible by giving practical examples and scenarios.
Polly, Manchester, UK

I liked the statement in the last part of chapter 9, where it said 'when confronted by a problem, ask yourself who is in charge of my reality and what do I want? I have now been able to do this and have it actually work for me. Best of luck to everyone who uses this material and thank you to NoR for bringing it to us.
Catherine, Michigan, USA

I unreservedly recommend the Nature of Reality to anyone who is in two minds about 'going for it'. It is immensely thought-provoking material. The information is clear and structured for those without any prior knowledge. I know that my life is so much the better for finding this material. Thank you NoR.
Tom, Dorset, UK

I'd like to pass on my congratulations to NoR for creating the Nature of Reality material. The presentation is superb. I enjoyed answering the questions at the end of each module in the book. I also enjoyed formulating my own questions that were raised by the material.
Helena, Australia

I highly recommend this work to anybody who has the slightest interest in the true nature of reality. It allows you to gain a much deeper (and really startling) understanding of what it means to 'create your own reality'.
Jim, Japan

I am very happy to recommend the Nature of Reality material to anyone considering buying it. The insights and encouragement I gained were immeasurable. It is a really wonderful opportunity.
Erica, New Zealand

I love the feeling of freedom this material has given me, knowing that I create my own reality. It is exciting and I'm enjoying life more than ever before. Thank you NoR.
Sue, Nottingham, UK


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